Ok! Now that the house is done, we can get back to important business. WEDDING PLANNING! I’m excited, nervous, happy, anxious, and stressed all at the same time. The last time we spoke of wedding news, we were planning on getting married in The Redwood Forest in San Francisco, CA and then hosting a reception back home in Atlanta. Well, that has now all changed. Plus, my wedding inspiration board is complete!


We have now decided that we will get married back home instead. It was becoming too costly and with the recent move, we really didn’t need to be adding to the stress of it. So, the wedding and the reception will now be on the same day, 10.21.2017, in Fairmount! We actually lucked up, our new neighbors have a beautiful pavilion that they held their daughter’s wedding, so we are planning to have it there. Also, my trusty sidekick/ bridesmaid/ cousin /event planner is my wedding planner, so it will be a beautiful event, to say the least. Above, is my wedding inspiration board. I am going for a rustic, Art Deco theme. So, imagine the roaring twenties on the countryside (that’s the best way I can explain it, lol) Decadent, earthy, eclectic, but with modern elements. I chose copper and rose gold as my metal tones, paired with a deep jewel tone green, burgundy, teal, and neutral earthy browns. I feel that this palette gives me the best of both worlds, both earthy and luxurious.



Though it has been a rollercoaster ride to get this much figured out, especially since we are running against the clock, I couldn’t be happier! I’m excited about our big day and spending it with our friends and family back home. Only 162 more days to go! What do you think of my wedding inspiration? What would your dream wedding be like? Any wedding tips from my fellow brides-to-be or recently married? I sure could use them!





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