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  • GRWM // Valentine’s Day Purple + Red Eye Look! Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day and continue to have a great one this weekend! Here's a fun Valentine's Day look, perfect for a night out with your boo or besties! Let me know what you think! … READ MORE

    GRWM // Valentine’s Day Purple + Red Eye Look!
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him + Her!

    Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if you're like me, you procrastinate on gift shopping every holiday! No, worries! I got you last minute Valentine's Day gift guide up and ready. Lucky for you, everything you can find at your local Target, get it shipped or grab it in-store. Keep reading for what to get your S/O, friends, family, or co-workers! … READ MORE

    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him + Her!
  • GRWM // Valentine’s Day Glam Makeup Tutorial Last week I did 2 Valentine's Day makeup looks, but only one was uploaded (long story). I have a photo of my subtle V-day look below, and posted the glam look on my channel. Also, the products below are including a few newbies that I received or bought over the past month. Hope you enjoy both looks and the tutorial! … READ MORE

    GRWM // Valentine’s Day Glam Makeup Tutorial
  • Saltimbocca with Lemon White Wine Sauce Recipe

    Nate and I normally don't celebrate Valentine's Day like that. One, Nate nor I are really the uber romantic type, and two, I honestly think you should show these nice gestures other days as well. You can't limit showing your love to one day! lol Any who, Sunday I decided to make us a delicious dinner. I started back serving again on weekends (as if I have any extra time lol), and asked the chef … READ MORE

    Saltimbocca with Lemon White Wine Sauce Recipe
  • Valentine’s Day Makeup!

    Well, I really wanted to get this up this morning, but editing my tutorial took longer than I expected and uploading it took a while too. I guess better late than never! But either way, I was happy I finally got it up before the day was over. Check out my tutorial and snapshots below. I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day, enjoy! … READ MORE

    Valentine’s Day Makeup!
  • V-day Gift Ideas

    Valentine's Day is only 2 days away! Need last-minute gift ideas? No worries, I have a couple of things that you can go easily grab and that are sure to put some smiles on some faces. Most of all the items listed should be available in store, I would double-check online first if you think it won't be there. … READ MORE

    V-day Gift Ideas
  • #TasteTuesdays // Romantic Dinner for Two

    We usually don't celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day. We'll usually go get dinner a couple of days before to avoid issues with reservations, crowds, and short turnaround times on tables. But this year I prepared a wonderful dinner at home and we can relax and eat comfortably on our couch. So I have 3 recipes that I tried and am sharing with you, enjoy! … READ MORE

    #TasteTuesdays // Romantic Dinner for Two
  • Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

    Put that red dress back in your closet! We're straying away from clichés this year and approaching Valentine's Day in a new way. Instead of the normal "all red everything" outfit for this day we want to try something more modern but still girly enough that you feel like this is a special occasion. But who wants to pay a load of money on a new outfit when you still have gifts and other arrangements … READ MORE

    Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas