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After a crazy and busy week, hubby and I are usually pretty exhausted but wanting to get some quality time in. There’s nothing like curling up and getting cozy on the couch, cranking up our wood burning stove fireplace, and sharing a bag of POP SECRET® popcorn! When it’s too cold to function, were usually not looking to go out and freeze to death. So, this is perfect for a great date night in! Keeping reading to check out how we spent our night in!

We’re big on old movies, mainly from the 80s and early 90s. One of our favorite movies to watch together is Smokey and the Bandit. Well, I should say it’s his favorite, but I get a good chuckle out of it too. lol Such a silly and fun movie to watch. I’m usually good for a hilarious comedy! No, thrillers for me, please! But this weekend we decided to curl up in front of the fire, snack on some POP SECRET® Movie Theater Butter Popcorn, and tune into the last playoff games before the super bowl. Unfortunately, our hometown team didn’t win, but they were still some awesome games to watch!

pop secret

Whether it’s movies or sports games we are tuning into for our date night in, we are sure to be snacking on some POP SECRET® Movie Theater Butter or Homestyle Popcorn! We were definitely staying warm and snacking. Maybe next time, I can find a fun game for us to play! Haven’t played some of my old favorites in a while, like Monopoly or UNO! What’s your favorite date night in activity? What’s your favorite movie to watch with your SO? Let me know in the comments below! Click here to shop for your favorite POP SECRET® Popcorn flavors on Amazon!

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