Remember a few weeks ago when I was on a cleaning spree and organize rampage? Well I’m finally ALMOST done with everything. I had been on the hunt for ideas on my Pinterest and Trusper app on organizing tips and tricks to maximize my space. Just a few more tweaks here and there, and some more things to give away or throw away. My work studio/vanity room/storage should hopefully help me to become a little more productive when it comes to getting ready for work, sewing, crafts, or whatever the task may be that day. Have a look at what I’ve done.

First, my closet is given most credit to my boyfriend and his building skills. I dragged one of my book shelves from my room to create more space in the room and to use as a shoe (addiction) shelf. The left over storage boxes that were once on the shelves I decided to use them to hold all of my folded jeans and pants. I still have to find a place to properly store all of my handbags though so they’re not just thrown on top of the shelf. And pardon my boyfriend who happened to walk in during the process of me photographing his hard work. 🙂





For my vanity I plan on painting it white, I also turned an old book shelf into a bench with storage (with the help of Nate of course.) And I plan on sewing fabric around some foam to give me a soft cushion to sit on.



Eventually I want to paint the many bottles I have on top of my bookshelves so they look neat. Don’t worry I didn’t drink all of those, I usually bring home empty bottles for crafts from my serving job.





I will definitely update you on the final outcome, very excited to hurry and get everything done.

Like what I have going on so far? Have any other organizing tips or ideas? Share in the comments below!



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