Still haven’t restarted your workout from your New Years resolution that you ditched back in February? It’s ok I’m guilty myself, I just finally got back in the grove the beginning of April. You know what always gets me in the mood for a great workout? Cute fitness clothes to make me FEEL like I’m a workout guru or training for a marathon (because I am neither, lol)! I always feel like I’m working harder when I have on something cute, so maybe you could trick yourself into doing the same thing. As much as I love Stella McCartney x Adidas or Victoria’s Secret activewear line, it’s a bit pricey. So here are some stores that sell super affordable and cool fitness clothes!


1. H&M

via H&M



2. Forever21

via Forever21



3. Target

via Target



4. Old Navy

Via Old Navy



5. Marshalls/TJ Maxx

Via Marshalls



Love to get your fitness clothes from these stores too? Know any other great stores that carry affordable fitness clothes? Sound off in the comments below!






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