This is my first post under Pumps + Pouts! Yay me! It’s not the most exciting one, I have so many under my belt right now, but I wanted to get something out to you guys ASAP. So I don’t know if you guys noticed but I recently dyed my hair a few weeks ago, and it (well, I) pretty much destroyed my ends. The other night I did some repairing, along with a bit of a chop, and now my hair is back to its normal self again.

Here’s the back story of what happened and what to not EVER do! Which my hair stylist friends are going kick my butt for this, but I’m impatient and a cheapskate sometimes. Lol. I normally always color my hair, but I never use box dyes, I go to Sally’s and get a high-lift color and some developer. I’ve done this many times and have never had any issues, except for the color didn’t lift to what I wanted, and I impatiently decided to try a lighter lift the same day. BIG MISTAKE! I knew that my hair was going to be a little damaged, but my split ends had split ends!



So after all that I first did an avocado hair mask, which helped some. But then I had the audacity to put too much heat on my hair over the course of 2 weeks, and that pissed my poor little ends off. The other night I gave Ouai Haircare Repair Shampoo and Conditioner a try for the first time. Love it, and is officially my go to poo & conditioner for now on! I also applied one of my favorite hair masks, Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment to help whip my strands back into shape. For drying, I love using OGX Moroccan Smooth Perfection Blowout Cream and tested out a sample of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day. To prevent myself from adding too much heat again, I blow dried my hair on the cool air setting, and then straightened like normal. Finally, I gave myself a good trim for the ends that couldn’t be salvaged.


img_5820.jpg img_5819.jpg

I hate that I had to end up cutting my hair, but I know it’ll grow back, and healthier. Please consult a hair stylist when coloring your hair and save yourself from making the same mistakes I did! But gladly indulge in the haircare products listed above or here! 🙂 Have you tried Ouai or any of these hair products before? How was your experience using them? Let me know in the comments below!












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