Now, I know what you’re thinking. How in the world is this even physically possible?! Well a few a weeks ago, I was sent out this really cool product called SoCal Curls. This nifty little invention curls your hair without damaging heat or chemicals and super easy to use! They also double as a cute little retro headband and come in a variety of colors and patterns for you to wear.


How to use SoCal Curls?

So first, you want to place your SoCal Curls in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Tie it in a cute little bow around your head, then start wrapping small sections of your dry or damp hair around the curler, picking up more pieces of hair. Once you have both sides wrapped around the curler, you’re done! Let it do its magic! Go ahead and do your makeup, wear it to bed, wear it around while you’re running your errands or tidying up the place. For a more detailed tutorial on how to curl your hair, click here. When you’re ready to go, unwrap your hair from the SoCal Curls, finger comb the curls out, add a little hairspray, and you’re done! Hello, fabulous curls!


So now, you can literally curl your hair while getting ready or whatever you need to do that day. Side note, I initially tested this on dry hair, and it didn’t curl as well for me. So, I tried with damp hair this past weekend and it worked perfectly! I definitely recommend trying both ways and seeing which works for you. Nate is surely going to be happy now that I won’t take as long to get ready as normal. lol For other fun hairstyles to try out for when in a hurry, click here. Have you ever tried SoCal Curls? What’s your thoughts on them? What do you do with your free time while you have it in? Let me know in the comments below!


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