Sadly, as summer comes to an end, it’s time to make the most of our last couple of months before it comes to an end. But before I get too ahead  of myself, there is still time to through a little summer soirée! So was looking for backyard inspiration and fell in love with having a cozy type feel to it. To achieve this, I wasn’t trying to spend a fortune and it needed to be semi permanent or portable to shift the items needed between seasons or made to be used for all (well, most) seasons. Once my backyard is complete, I will definitely update this post and show you how everything turned out!


(both at top) via Wayfair; (both at bottom) via Walmart

1. The Fire Pit

I really want a fire pit to be able to use in the evenings now and most definitely for colder weather as well. You can roast marshmallows and it makes a great center, focal point for the rest of the decor. I found a good bit of portable fire pits under $50, (great for those that live in apartments and those that wish to take it on the go). And if you want to bring out your inner crafty side, I found 2 great tutorials to build your very own inexpensive pit from HGTV and this really awesome blog I came across.


(top) via Crate & Barrell
(top) via Crate & Barrel; (bottom) via Ikea

2. Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting I feel like you don’t want to over do it. You’ll mostly have tiki torches or candles in order to keep the pesky bugs away, so you don’t need that much to add-on to that, or it kind of over kills the mood. I’d suggest some solar-powered lanterns that you can hang on a line or off a couple of limbs of a tree (that you can reach, so don’t hurt yourself).


(from the top) via Light in the Box; via Deals Machine; via Walmart
(from the top) via Light in the Box; via Deals Machine; via Walmart

3. Backyard Theater

Who needs a drive-in movie theater when you can relax in your own yard and watch as many movies as you want! Portable movie projectors are perfect for this idea and you don’t have to spend $100 in order to make that dream a reality. Just add a set of speakers and for the projection screen, if you have trees near by or a patio rail, just grab some fabric for the backdrop. If you are lacking those items, here’s a simple and inexpensive DIY on making the perfect projector screen for everyone to enjoy!


via Ikea
via Ikea for $25

4. Seating

Last but not least, we can’t forget a little bit of patio furniture. In order to fully enjoy all your hard work, you gotta sit back and relax and take it all in. Instead of getting the over priced conversational sets, try a few trendy lawn chairs and small tables to create your own customized space. And its super easy to put away when the rain comes or when it starts getting cold. Look for simple yet comfy styles.










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