My office is slowly but surely coming together. I can finally fit all of photo and lighting equipment, plus my sewing stuff in one room and it not look so cluttered! Trying to make sure I get just as much functionality as I do with appearance and aesthetics. I’m just super excited to get back to creating content again! In between all the new posts I need to catch up on, I still have some DIY projects left to do for a truly fabulous office space, but I also received a few new items from Ankit to spruce up the space and get my creative juices flowing.

Ankit sells really cute accessories like phone cases, yoga mats, house shoes, tumblers, gifts and more! They sent me this cute cups and marble phone case! You may not know this, but I have a slight obsession with marble ANYTHING! My computer case is actually marble, along with several other things. So this marble case fit right in with my collection. Also, I am a collector of tumblers, mainly the ones with straws. I carry them to work and other places. Anywhere I can take it, it’s going lol. You can find Ankit in Forever21, Pacsun, Nordstrom, and more! Click here to check out all their products. Have you heard of Ankit? Love their products like I do? Share in the comments below!

I received these products complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.

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