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This hair product had been trending like crazy this year. Everyone wants the perfect set of beach waves without actually having to have gone to the beach. So beach waves texturizing sprays have been flying off the shelf all summer, especially this surf spray by Bumble and Bumble that is going for $26. However I have tested a couple of other brands that are going for under $15!


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1. Nuance by Salma Hayek Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Salma Hayek has perfect hair, and who doesn’t want perfect waves like Salma Hayek! Duh! But really, Salma Hayek produced a  haircare, skincare, body, and cosmetics line that is affordable and using natural ingredients. Her Texturizing Sea Salt Spray is one of my favorites (along with some other items, but I’ll share in different post). Infused with seaweed and algae extracts, it leaves your hair smelling amazing and gives you more of matte finish. Its sold exclusively at CVS for $13.



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2. OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

I love pretty much all of OGX products! From their shampoos and conditioners, to their leave-in treatments and hair mask, they do wonders. Plus they’re sulfate-free! So I was really excited when they added the Moroccan Sea Salt Spray to the mix. Since they added Moroccan oil, it leaves your hair shiny and soft, and is going for only $8 at Ulta.



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3. L’oreal EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray

The EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray I have not tried yet, but dying to see if it lives up to its description. It says that it gives you, “fresh-off-the-beach waves for 24 hours.” So I’ll be trying that one out soon and will give you an update on how it goes. But it got some good reviews, so we’ll see! It’s going for $7 at Ulta.




4. DIY Beach Sea Salt Spray

Here’s a great DIY salt spray that a friend showed me how to make that I plan on trying out and will update you on as well:


Water (1 cup warm)

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (2 teaspoons)

Epsom Salt (2 teaspoons)

Spray Bottle

Coconut Oil (or any oil that you like, 4 drops)

Aloe Vera (1 teaspoon)

Mix all in a spray bottle by shaking it and then use as you would a store-bought sea salt spray, enjoy!












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