My office has been a work in progress (on and off) for 4 years. Awful right?! Well between going back to school, job changes, address changes, financial changes and probably about 15 years worth of junk I had hoarded on too, I finally needed to get things in order. One of my resolutions for this year was to completely finish organizing my office and making it more functional to fit into my lifestyle and my daily routine. Little did I know, It was going to take over 6 months to complete! However, it has been a truly rewarding task to have completed it and finally have a space in the house I can get away and get some work done and get ready for the day. Now my office serves as my work room/vanity, and for the amount of space that I had to use, I did a great job creating a workspace that I love to be in!


My desk area is still a little cluttered, but at least it’s an organized clutter, if that makes any sense. I have a drafting table that my boyfriend Nate helped me make a long time ago while I was in fashion school, using Finnvard trestles from IKEA. My best friend had the complete table with the drafting table top, but I believe they discontinued the top. So we improvised and just made one instead. I believe he took an old laminate counter top out of a house he was renovating, and then cut out a large rectangle and put a piece of plexiglass in its place, that way I had a built-in tracing table. I recently added the other items around it, such as my bulletin board which I made of cork place mats. Now I can display all my ideas and inspiration, and brainstorm in a more organized way! I even added padding to my chair with some old scraps of fabric, but I’ll go into detail with that a little later. 😉



I went to Target one day and found this super cute, gold stapler. And then got a bright idea that I should spray paint all of my office supplies gold as well. I’m pretty sure I got carried away, everything didn’t need to be gold, but it all turned out so cute! But I also spray painted a couple of picture frames and my melting scent pot.


I am beyond pleased with how my vanity turned out! We had an old desk sitting in the house that I painted white, and found this awesome mirror the lighting at IKEA (they really have a ton of stuff to do cool projects with). Since the table is white, I worried it would get dirty fast, due to all my make up. I went Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and bought a plexiglass sheet, had them cut it to the size of my table, and just placed on top. It looks like it has an expensive glass top for a fraction of the price, and super easy to keep clean!  The Raskog utility cart created perfect storage for my make up, hair products, and nail polish. Of course I spray painted the lamp gold, along with the knobs on the table. SMH. The bench was made from an old book-case that we turned on its back, and parts of an old coffee table I had. Nate helped me attach the lid so I’d be able to sit on it, and now I have more storage to place things inside!


I drilled holes into the bottom of the platform of my bench and added some caster wheels so it would be easy to pull to and from the vanity. The cushion on top was created the same way as my chair at my draft table. These were simple to make, and are interchangeable. I just used some left over fabric I had lying around, but you can use what ever color or pattern  you love. I took some foam cushions, wrapped them in the fabric and pinned it in place. I pinned them because I wanted to be able to change them out and wash when needed, but be careful of placement so you’re not getting pinned in the butt. Then I took velcro strips to attach them to the bench itself, so it’s easy to remove and replace when needed.

Nate is super happy that the clutter in the bathroom has been cut down. lol. How do you like my new space? Know any other cool storage ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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