I first saw the MakeUp Eraser was a few months ago, on of course one of my favorite insta-makeup artist’s feed. Thought it was really cool and was kind of in disbelief that all you needed was just water to remove your makeup with it. I have been a faithful Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Wipes buyer for years, and then one day I was doing a Sephora haul and saw that they carried them in stores! I grabbed it and couldn’t wait to test it out that night.

My Thoughts:

Pros: First off, It really works! Not an ounce of make up on my face after using it. It’s cost-effective, only $20 as opposed to spending $8 almost every 3 weeks. Good for up to 1000 washes. My skin is very sensitive and this doesn’t irritate it at all. Very soft and easy to use.

Cons: I’m not sure why it does this, or if it’s only mine, but after a couple of uses it gets a strange odor. I guess it smells like when you leave wet towels in the washer too long. So I feel like it needs to be washed more often than the once a week that I started off with.

So, would I recommend the Makeup Eraser to a friend? Absolutely! Have you tried the Make Up Eraser? Do you love it or no? Comment below!








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