I am constantly on the go or busy throughout the week. The weekends are usually no different, cramming as much content creating in as I can and trying to keep the house tidy. Living life on the go, it’s important to have items that help make my already chaotic and busy life a little less stressful. A few things that I always keep handy on me are some eye drops, vaseline or balm, and Kleenex Wet Wipes!



I usually like to keep items that have multiple functions in my purse or at the house. Eye drops are of course great for your eyes, but also can be used for other things. I like to use it to revive my favorite mascara bottles, reduce redness of a blemish, or a makeup remover to clean up my winged liner. Vaseline or a balm is great for adding moisture to your lips or anywhere on the body. Plus, it’s great for taming flyaways and giving yourself the perfect manicure!



My most recent addition to the double-functioning and fabulous products to keep on me at all times are the Kleenex Wet Wipes. These are perfect for on the go and around the house. They have no harsh chemicals and are perfect to use on your face, hands, and body! Of course, they’re perfect for sanitizing and getting rid of germs on the hands. I like to use them for when I’m at home filming makeup tutorials, swatching beauty products and all of my other beauty messes. I can easily remove makeup and other products from my face and hands without worrying about dyes, sulfates, alcohol and other chemicals drying out and hurting my skin. Also, they’re great to use after sweaty workout sessions!



All 3 items are super useful and they’re small enough to carry around with me anywhere! I was especially happy that the wipes were easy to pack in my purse. They definitely come in handy whenever I need them and wherever I rushing off to next! You can purchase the Kleenex Wet Wipes Gentle Clean and Germ Removal at your local Walgreens. Purchase 2 Kleenex Wet Wipes at Walgreens and receive a $1 Rebate through the Ibotta App! What are your favorite beauty/life essentials you like to use daily? Let me know in the comments below!


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