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Kids Party Food

If you are throwing your kiddo a party, as well as inviting all his or her favorite people and hiring the best entertainment possible, you are going to want to ensure that they have plenty of delicious food to snack on too.

When it comes to kids party snacks, it’s good to keep it simple, but the food should also be good, and if you want to really impress the guests of all ages, you should maybe go for something a bit more ambitious than simple sandwiches, chicken wings, and cupcakes.

With that in mind, here are some excellent kids party food ideas that you may want to consider:

Cheesy Pepperoni Buns

Okay, so although you might want to be a bit more ambitious with the food, sandwiches are probably still a good idea and cheesy pepperoni buns are like the best sandwich you’ve ever had. Simply cut brioche buns in half and toast until golden, top with a mixture of marinara sauce, pepperoni, and cheese, melt under the grill and serve as an open sandwich. These will be just as popular with the adults as the kids.

Paneer Biriyani

You might think that curry and kids’ parties are not a particularly good combination, but this homemade paneer biryani recipe is very child-friendly in that it is spicy without being hot. It’s also quite a dry recipe so you can serve it up in bowls with samosas for a party snack that is a bit different, very interesting flavor-wise, and just as appealing for the adults too!

Cheese and Fruit Kebabs

If you’re looking for a healthy party snack option that the kids will actually WANT to eat, then simply buy some kebab skewers (be sure to smooth out the pointy edges once the food is on there) and add cubes of apple, grapes, strawberries, and pears, along with a few cubes of your favorite cheese. This recipe is particularly good if you are looking for a portable snack to take to a beach party or picnic.

Frozen Yogurt and Berry Swirls

Buy ice cream sticks and individual pots of yogurt. Swirl frozen berries into the yogurt and freeze the pots with the sticks inside, Once frozen, gently remove from pots for the best, and most attractive, healthy popsicles that your children will have ever tasted, with minimal effort on your part.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Buy salted pretzel sticks, dip in chocolate and sprinkle with chopped nuts, cookie crumbs, broken pieces of candy, or whatever else you fancy. Allow the chocolate to set and you will have some very tasty, and very pretty snacks that fulfill both the sweet and savory criteria and which no kid will be able to resist.

Mini Burgers

For the ultimate finger food, cut out circles of bread, top with tiny burgers, a little cheese, some pickles and ketchup, and skewer with a cocktail stick, The kids will love ‘em.

Cook up any of these party-perfect treats and your child’s next birthday celebration will be one of the most memorable yet! I am looking forward to serving some of these kids party foods at Axel’s next birthday! Have you tried some of these before? What’s your favorite party dish to serve?

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