Your wedding day is a special occasion, and although your guests are there to witness your union as husband and wife, it’s crucial to ensure that there is plenty for them to see and do while they are there. As you may be aware, weddings can be a very lengthy day, particularly when you’re waiting for the reception to begin, the speeches to commence, and even the first dance to start. So, in order to make your wedding a memorable occasion, consider the following wedding entertainment suggestions for keeping your guests occupied at your upcoming nuptials.

Dj or Live Band?

When it comes to wedding entertainment, one of the most important decisions is whether or not to hire a DJ or a band. Having a live band perform at your wedding or other event is a great way to make it more unique and memorable. Hiring a DJ will, on the other hand, allow you to personalize your music to something that everyone will enjoy. Not only that, but your guests can also ask for music that they like.

Set Up a Photo Booth

While it’s very likely that you’ll be hiring a wedding photographer, a great way to capture natural moments from your special day is by setting up a photo booth for your guests to take their own pictures. You could include props that match the theme of your wedding or have guests write special messages on whiteboards to include in their pictures. Photo booth las vegas are a great example of where you can find such booths. Plus, the images collected from your photo booth can be used as thank you cards, and you can send your guests a copy after the wedding for them to enjoy too!

Invite Your Guests to Participate in Entertaining Games.

After your food, speeches, cutting the cake, and your first dance, what takes place then? Most people’s goal is to consume as much bubbly as possible while mixing and mingling with other guests. While that’s going on, why not play wedding games with your guests? Not only will this keep everyone entertained, but it will also provide an opportunity for visitors to get to know the happy couple even better!

Rent a Bouncy House!

Kids get bored during weddings, so why not provide them with some entertainment as well? Almost every child on the planet enjoys the opportunity to bounce their boredom away while simultaneously socializing with the other children at your wedding. And after a few sherberts, you can bet that some of the adults will be on their feet!

Creative Alternatives forTraditional Guest Book.

Finally, rather than simply asking people to sign your guest book, why don’t you ask them to do something unusual in order to give you a message instead?  If you decide to put up a video booth at your wedding and ask your guests to record personal messages for you and your partner, it will add a sentimental and very possibly humorous touch to the occasion.

Whether it’s games, a photo booth, or putting in some work on the dance floor, finding fun things to keep your guests entertained will make your wedding exciting and memorable! What’s a cool and unique wedding entertainment idea you’ve seen recently? Looking forward to creating fun memories for your own wedding? Let me know in the comments below!

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