Pardon the delay my fellow fashionistas! Finally, I can share some costume ideas that I’ve literally been brainstorming on for about a month now. So usually on this night, you either go scary or sexy, but I wanted to stray away from the norm and find something that was fun and fashion-forward. Something modern and that the fashion it-girl would want to rock on Halloween night. And not only that, I wanted to find costumes that were affordable! Who wants to spend $100 on a costume that you’ll wear for one night and most likely never again? Instead, these costumes are wardrobe-friendly and could be worn on a normal day, and some you may already own! So let’s get started!


1. Jessica Rabbit


This is one of my favorite characters that I always see beautiful costumes for. And for a very good quality version, you are gonna pay at the minimum $100. I found 3 red dresses and some purple gloves to match. For the hair? I found a Jessica Rabbit inspired wig or an option of red hair paint (don’t worry its temporary).



(A): Jessica Wright Kyra One Shoulder Dress in Glitter Fabric, $34; (B): Sateen Midi Dress, $25; (C): Floral Lace Maxi Dress, $30; (Hair Paint): Red Temporary Hair Color Spray, $3; (Wig): Silver Screen Jessica Rabbit Sinsation Wig, $10.12; (Gloves): Deluxe Purple Satin Opera Gloves, $10. [/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]


Modern Day Jessica Rabbit




2. The Little Mermaid


What girl hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid at one point in their life? Or the fact that they really exist! So for the mermaid obsessed, like myself, I put together 4 Little Mermaid inspired outfits based on 4 different style preferences.




(top): Low-Back Cami Top, $10; (skirt): Green Sequin Mini Skirt, $26.


(top): 90s Square Crop, $14; (skirt): Green A-line Midi Skirt, $30


(top): Striped Crop Top, $7; (skirt): Drape Up Asymmetrical Skirt, $13.


(top): Elbow-Sleeve Scallop Trim Tunic with Belt, $21; (bottoms): Blue Mermaid Animal Print Leggings, $15[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]



Glam Mermaid




Classic Mermaid




Hipster Mermaid





Wild Mermaid



3. Dorthy


The new and improved Dorthy is definitely not in Kansas anymore! Here are 3 ways to rock those red heels you’ve been dying to wear. Who needs a yellow brick road when you have the city pavements to strut down.


(skirt): Mid Wash Denim Midi Skirt, $22; (top): Lace Paneled Cami, $11; (shoe): Posh Almond Pumps, $19.FullSizeRender_3

(dress): Vero Moda Chambray Skater Dress, $21; (top): Classic Long Sleeve Top, $6; (shoe): Futuristic Sneakers, $23.

(dress): School’s Out Dress – Chambray, $19.20; (top): Basic White Button Up; (shoe): Buckled Faux Suede Booties, $30.[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]



Minimal Dorthy






Sporty Dorthy






Edgy Dorthy[/ezcol_1third_end]


4. DIY: Cleopatra’s Mummy


So along with every girl dreaming to be a princess, we then all aspire to become queen. I didn’t want to create your typical Cleopatra costume, so I improvised and created her as her most fabulous, mummified self! In order to do so, all you need is a plain white skirt and top that you don’t mind gluing on top of. I bought a super cheap crop top and pencil skirt that I didn’t mind ruining for this project. You will also need either fabric glue or a glue gun, I chose a glue gun since it dried much faster, and a pack of men’s white T-shirts (preferably a pack of 3-5 in XL). Last, one of those trendy head chains or you can make your own.


(top and bottom): Xuerry 2-Piece Crop Top Pencil Skirt Set, $12; (t-shirts): Fruit of the Loom Big Men’s Tees 5-Pack, $14; (head chain): Flat Metal Head Chain, $6.[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]



1. Lay the skirt on a flat surface, placing something that you don’t mind getting glue on in between so that the front and back of the skirt don’t get glued together.

2. Cut the T-shirt into strips, they don’t need to be even, make them as distressed and jagged as possible. I recommend doing one shirt at a time because you most likely won’t need the whole pack. And set the sleeve pieces aside, you’ll use these later for the top.

3. Start from the bottom and glue the strips, spiraling around the garment in a continuous line. I left maybe 3/4 to and inch wide space in between each row. Twist and scrunch them as you go, to create the mummy wrap effect. I recommend placing the glue on the garment rather than on the strips for less of a mess.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the top until you reach the armpit of the sleeves. Then cute the sleeve pieces into strips and glue them across the rest of the top of the front and back of the crop top. 

5. For the sleeves, glue one end of the strip to the surface, and then twist and drape them along the sleeve.

6. Once all finished glue and both pieces are fully covered, let it dry for a few hours and then its all ready to go!

7. When accessorizing, the head chain is a great start. But why stop there, find your most ornate wrist cuffs, bracelets, and necklace and pile them on.

**TIP** If you’re feeling really creative, tea stain the top, skirt, and tees to create an even more distressed and vintage look!

(top left): Full length view of what the finished product looked like. (bottom left): A close up of the strips of the T-shirt on the skirt. (right): my attempt to wear the costume last year, but since it was on a weekday and I had to be up for class the next day, my reign was very short lived. However it may get worn this year. 🙂


Short on time to order things?

No worries! Pick a decade! With the fashion world constantly reinventing and revisiting the past, chances are that you have something right in your closet that you could put together a great costume with! Whether it’s the Roaring ’20s, Groovy ’70s, or the Grunge ’90s, you will find something fun for this Halloween. Have tons of fun with it, and I will update you on what my costume choice was as well!










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