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I was scrolling through some photos on Instagram and found this fabulous photo of some pumpkin decor from Homegoods by @thewayweare, and thought that it would be really fun to make my own. So I made a short DIY tutorial on how I created these little beauties. All of the items below I got from my local craft store, Michaels.




1. All you need is some plastic pumpkins and spray paint. Use whatever colors you’d like, I chose a matte black, matte white, and metallic gold.

2. Lay down some newspaper on a flat surface so you won’t stain anything. And then completely spray your pumpkin with the color you chose.

3. Let it dry for an hour or so. Just make sure it is completely dry before you pick it up.

4. Last, get creative! Using paint markers or rhinestones like I did, create what ever designs or patterns you’d like to add that wow factor!


the finished pumpkins 🙂


Happy crafting!

















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