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Can you guys believe my babe is almost 2 months old already?! I can’t either! Axel and I have been learning a lot about each other over the past couple of months. He loves snuggles and cuddles with mama, milk, and sitting out on the patio with dad. He is not a fan of baths, making stops during car rides, and more importantly, having so many tummy issues. It breaks my heart when he’s fussy and crying. Is it just gas or is it colic? Luckily, we were recently introduced to the idea of giving him a probiotic, by our pediatrician, to help aid with his gassy discomfort.

About 2 weeks in we noticed our baby boy was fussier than normal. He was fed, changed, and burped, but just would not settle down. I spent most of the day holding him trying to get him calm but no luck. So we made an appointment with our pediatrician and went to see if we could get any answers. They had me remove a couple of things from my diet to see if it would help, along with giving us a different formula to try. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

By his 1 month check-up, he seemed to be overall a healthy baby except still very fussy. And to add to the list, he was struggling with not getting as much sleep as he should, ongoing diaper rash, and being colicky. This time we were recommended to look into giving him some gas drops and a probiotic to see if it would help any. Before we started on a probiotic we started off with the gas drops to see how they’d do. For the most part, they actually do help! However, it was only temporary and not really helping the other issues. So, we decided to give the probiotics a try!

Probiotics for newborns can help establish a healthy infant gut microbiome and develop a stronger immune system by repopulating the baby’s gut with the good bacteria they are missing. The more I researched the benefits of probiotics the more I realized how critical the first 6 months of baby’s life for autoimmune and metabolic development were. Also, that Axel’s issues were not surface issues, they were gut-health related issues. It was possible that he just might have a very immature digestive system and not a whole lot of good bacteria found in his digestive tract to help fight off the bad. We began to look into which probiotic would be the best for our son.

Have you ever heard of B. infantis? I hadn’t until we began using the probiotic Evivo! Evivo is the only probiotic that contains B. infantis EVC001, a proprietary strain clinically proven to create a protective environment in baby’s gut. This probiotic helps to restore the good bacteria B. infantis in baby’s gut, which will help end colic! You can imagine I was jumping for joy when I was reading up on this probiotic. Not only that, but Evivo promotes healthy immune system development and lifelong health, reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases later in life.


Along with the amazing benefits Evivo has to offer, it’s very easy to give to baby. The starter kit comes with a 1 to 6 month supply of their probiotics in individual sachets, a small bowl to mix it in, and a syringe to dispense in baby’s mouth. All you have to do is mix 3-5ml of breast milk or formula and 1 packet of Evivo in the small bowl, fill the syringe and give to your baby once a day! Clean up is easy too! Just pull apart the syringe and wash it with the small bowl with soapy water and let air dry. When you’re done with your supply, just order the refill kit.


Our sweet boy’s health and happiness is our main priority. Implementing Evivo into Axel’s diet was the best decision to see that we do everything to help aid his gut-health related issues now and develop a healthy immune system as he grows! Get with your pediatrician and see if giving your baby a probiotic is an option for you! For more information on Evivo and how it can​​​​​​​ help your baby develop a stronger immune system visit their homepage and their FAQ.

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Does your baby show signs of being colic, gassy, have diaper rash, or eczema? Are you also looking for ways to help boost your baby’s immune system development?

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