2015 Fashion Spring Trends

Hello spring! Finally we can shed a layer or two, and that frigid cold weather. I’ve been dying to pack up my heavy coats and sweaters, and trade them in for something light and breathable. Not to mention lightening up my palette. Excited to whip out my brighter hues and pastel shades too! Here are a few spring trends you’ll definitely catch me in this season.


1. Bohemian 70s

2015 Fashion Spring Trends
Source: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK / Porsche Designs Spring/Summer 2015.

As a lover of everything retro, especially styles from the 70s, I cannot resist this spring trend. I love a good jumpsuit, maxi dress, or wide leg pants. Soft bohemian, floral patterns on great flowing fabrics to get your wardrobe in the groove.

2015 Fashion Spring Trends

(1) Maria Cropped Top, $27; (2) Trimming With Enthusiasm Top, $25; (3) Long Sleeve Cherry Embroidery Crop Sweater, $26; (4) Long Dress, $50; (5) Wide-leg Jeans, $60; (6) Kimono with Fringe, $25; (7) Wide-leg Pants, $25.


2. Safari Chic

2015 Fashion Spring Trends
Source: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK / Ralph Lauren Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Sticking with a more neutral palette? Try the modern safari spring trend. Military greens, tan shades, creams, grays and soft metallics for a modern luxe look. I’m loving the simple silhouettes, gives you great style with ease.

2015 Fashion Spring Trends

(1) Jumpsuit, $30; (2) Knit Sweater, $13; (3) Tropical Sweatshirt Dress, $42; (4) Long-sleeved Blouse, $30; (5) Twill Jumpsuit, $20; (6) Top with Pockets, $30; (7) Jumpsuit, $30; (8) Short Jacket, $50; (9) Shirt Dress, $35; (10) Lee Crop Utility Jacket, $35.


3. Kinetic Stripes

2015 Fashion Spring Trends
Source: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK / Ohne Titel Spring/Summer 2015

Stripes get a great update and are literally all over the place! Diagonal, scribbled, embroidered, anything goes. This spring trend is all about out of the ordinary stripe placements, widths, and much more.

2015 Fashion Spring Trends

(1) Black Angular Stripe Pencil Skirt, $22; (2) Cream Stripe Boucle Skirt, $30; (3) Mixed Angle Stripe Midi Dress, $36; (4) Multicolor Striped Slim Dress, $17; (5) Multicolor Stripe And Floral Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt, $20; (6) Striped Cami Bustier, $25; (7) Multicolor Stripes Strap Two-piece Suits, $47; (8) Rib-knit Skirt, $50; (9) Mixed Stripe Bodycon Dress, $30; (10) Multicolor Stripe Long Sleeve Short Coat, $28.


4. Unique Critters

2015 Fashion Spring Trends
Source: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK / Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2015

Leopard, tiger, and zebra prints will live forever, but how about we give some creatures of a different kind a chance in the spotlight. Insects and sea animals take the stand for this spring trend for some pretty cool looking patterns. Tons of beetles, butterflies, seahorses and more will be making their way into your wardrobe.

2015 Fashion Spring Trends

(1) V-neck Blouse, $15; (2) Pied a Terre Printed Playsuit, $35; (3) Biba Bug Print Long Sleeve Wrap Dress, $49; (4) ASOS Digital Insect Peplum Hem Dress, $45; (5) Sugarhill Boutique Seahorse Tunic Dress, $28; (6) Insect Print Loose Blouse, $13; (7) Nude Butterfly Keyhole Dress, $28.


5. Bright Blooms

2015 Fashion Spring Trends
Source: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK / Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2015

Don’t bother having to water a garden of beautiful flowers, just wear one! These aren’t your normal floral patterns. They’re brighter and bolder. Folk florals, tropical greenery, and beautiful micro florals are screaming spring all over!

2015 Fashion Spring Trends

(1) Wide-cut Blouse, $35; (2) Bree Bold Floral Print Skort, $20; (3) Patterned Dress, $50; (4) Patterned Blouse, $50; (5) Long Chiffon Dress, $50; (6) Folk Print Crop Top, $30; (7) Patterned Pants, $30; (8) Eloise Folk Print Capped Sleeve Scuba Playsuit, $20; (9) Girls On Film Blue Bold Floral Jacket, $17; (10) Patterned Dress, $40.


Love these spring trends? Which ones will you try? Any other great trends to try this spring, let me know in the comments below!


















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