Accessories. We all love them, We all want them. We all know they can complete an outfit and give us that extra edge in the style stakes. However, they aren’t always as ethical as they could or should be. 

What does that mean for you if you want to dress in a more ethical way? Does it mean you have to give up your much-loved accessories once and for all? Of course not. Below are some quick tips to help you accessorize the ethical way because no one should ever be anything less than fully dressed and that means accessorizing, right?

1. Lab Grown Diamonds: Your New BFF (Best, Flashy Friend)

Diamonds are a girl’s (and a boy’s) best friend, right? But let’s be honest, the backstory of some diamonds can be, well, a bit grim. Enter VVS lab grown diamonds! These sparkly gems are all the glitz, none of the guilt. They’re created in a lab (hence the name), reducing the environmental impact and bypassing any dubious mining practices. Plus, they’re often more affordable, so you can shine bright like a diamond without dimming your bank account.

2. Vintage Finds: Old is the New New

Scouring thrift stores, estate sales, or your grandma’s jewelry box can unearth some unique treasures that not only add character to your outfits but also give old pieces a new lease on life too. It’s sustainable, it’s chic, and let’s be real – vintage is always in vogue.

3. Artisan and Fair-Trade Jewelry: Look Good, Do Good

Why not adorn yourself with jewelry that has a backstory as beautiful as its appearance? Artisan and fair-trade pieces not only support local communities and craftspeople, but they also ensure that what you’re wearing is made in an ethical, sustainable way too, which is pretty great, right?

4. Recycled Materials: Trash to Treasure

In the world of ethical accessorizing, one person’s trash really can become another person’s treasure. Designers are getting super creative with recycled materials, turning things like discarded metals, glass, and even plastic into stunning accessories. It’s resourceful, it’s responsible, and let’s face it, it’s pretty cool.

5. Eco-Friendly Fabrics: Feel Good About What You Wear

And it’s not just about the bling! Consider scarves, hats, and bags made from eco-friendly fabrics. Materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and even recycled polyester mean you can accessorize your outfit without accessorizing your conscience with guilt.

6. Rent Don’t Buy: The Cinderella Solution

Got a fancy event? Instead of buying something you’ll wear once and then banish to the back of your closet, consider renting. It’s like Cinderella’s fairy godmother for your accessories – magical, temporary, and no pumpkins involved.

7. DIY Accessories: Unleash Your Inner Craftsperson

If you’re feeling crafty, why not make your own accessories? DIY-ing it is not only fun but also means you know exactly where your materials are coming from. Plus, when someone compliments you, you get to smugly say, “Thanks, I made it!”

Now you can look good and feel great about it too!

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