For my first Worth the Splurge segment, I thought I’d focus on investing in great skin care. I recently noticed the number of compliments I’ve been getting on how great my makeup looks and how smooth it looks. I can rave on about trying new makeup application techniques and products, and the countless hours I sit on YouTube learning from my favorite makeup artists. But the true hero starts with my skin care. I give my face a good cleanse, then I proceed with my favorite skin care regimen for a perfectly primed canvas!



I was introduced to Glossier when I was forwarded an email for a competition on the company coming to visit your town on the Glossier USA tour. Atlanta, unfortunately, didn’t win, but hopefully next time :). However, I discovered a magnificent product line that I can’t live without now. And don’t worry about the price tag, it is completely worth every dime and penny put into it. I’m all for using budget-friendly makeup, but will always invest in great skin care. The Phase 1 Set comes with their Soothing Face Mist, Priming Moisturizer, Balm DotCom, and Perfecting Skin Tint for $80. Here are 3 reasons why they are totally worth the splurge:

1. If you have super sensitive skin like mine, their products will become your best friend! They’re super gentle and won’t irritate your skin. They are also breathable and won’t clog your pores.

2. Their awesome, power-packed key ingredients! Each product is packed with beneficial ingredients like rosewater, hyaluronic acid, lanolin, diamond powder, and other great antioxidants. You’re sure to have fully hydrated and happy skin!

3. They’re all about simplicity, fun and perfecting the skin not concealing it. I love that this is skincare for the modern-day girl who is always on the go!

Also, they came out with 2 facial masks, that I am dying to try and hopefully will get soon! Have you tried Glossier? What are your thoughts? Comment on it below!






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