Some of you may have been following me on my sustainability journey on Instagram and what changes I’ve made to help play my part in helping the environment. Today I want to talk about another aspect of helping the environment, conserving energy! It is very important to conserve energy in the home, and if you are working from home, it can be easier said than done. This is why it’s important for you to have an abundance of practical approaches, including the following:

Find Alternative Light Sources

You can benefit from having a variety of alternative light sources if you’re trying to cut down on your energy bill. During the day, I usually never have on the lights, I just use good old fashion, natural lighting. If you lack windows for natural light, try opting for energy efficient light bulbs. It may seem like overkill, but if you are trying to be more practical, a torch can be a straightforward implementation that can help a lot. Torches and candles should be part and parcel of your household in case there are blackouts; having the right batteries can make a big difference as well. In terms of being more sustainable, having a 18650 rechargeable battery will ensure you are saving money on batteries that cannot be responsibly recycled everywhere.


Don’t Use More Energy Than You Need

A lot of people use a lot of energy without thinking about it. There are simple things that we can all do to make sure that we are not using above and beyond our energy loads. For example, you can wait until the dishwasher is full before you run it, wash clothes in cold water, or set the refrigerator between 28 ºF and 42 ºF. We usually adjust the heat and air in the rooms we aren’t using to conserve energy.

Switch Things Off

Another way to make sure that you are saving energy where possible is, very simply, switching the mains off. We don’t necessarily consider the mains to be a big zapper of energy, but if you’re trying to save money on your utility bills, every penny counts. It can be a frustrating habit to start, but when you switch everything off, you should see a positive impact on your utility bill.


Insulate Your Home

Many modern homes are adequately insulated, but if you are living in an older property, insulating your home by putting insulation in the loft or having natural insulation such as insulating foil behind the radiator can ensure that you are not paying a huge amount of money to heat the street. A lot of people have poorly insulated homes, so when it gets cold in the winter we turn the heating up to compensate, but this means the energy is only going outside, rather than benefiting the home.

Calculate How Much Energy You Use

One of the best approaches to conserving energy in your home is to have an understanding of how much you are actually using. Many people have no idea how much electricity they are using, and this is why having an electricity usage monitor can make a massive difference. It can be a big shock to the system for many people because they don’t realize that it’s the little things that are wasting a lot of electricity. Having a Playstation on standby may seem like it’s not having a major impact, but it’s about remembering that all of these little things add up.

For some people around the world, the cost of utilities is going up, and whether you are trying to save money or you are trying to be more environmentally friendly, it is possible to conserve energy in your home through the right practices.