In the future, if you want to seamlessly transition your summer wardrobe so that it can cater to cool evenings as well as hot days, you have come to the right place. 

Here is how to create a summer wardrobe that caters to hot as well as cooler days. 

Warm socks

You never know when your feet might get cold. If the evenings get cooler, your feet might feel cold after wearing sandals all day and evening. 

Getting yourself warm socks for women to wear in the evenings will ensure that when the evenings get cooler, you can stay warm. Whether you have put your winter wardrobe away or not, socks are usually something you keep aside just in case. Hence, they should be easy to grab and help keep your feet warm when the summer evenings get cool.

A light jacket

Having a light jacket in your summer wardrobe means that when the weather gets cooler, on a cool day or in the evening, it is suitable to help you stay warm. 

A light jacket is ideal to pop into a bag and take with you, which is great if you know the evening will be cooler. 

An undershirt

If you feel cooler due to a temperature drop, it can be a good idea to wear an undershirt under your clothes. This means you can layer up and if you do get too hot, you can remove the undershirt wear the top layer alone.

Having very light layers on will ensure you can remove and add them throughout the day to remain a comfortable temperature. 

Long-sleeved top

Having long-sleeved tops in your wardrobe will guarantee that you can wear a summer outfit yet stay warm on a cool day

Wearing a short sleeve can be good when the sun is shining. However, when the clouds arrive and the temperature drops, a long-sleeved top can be more comfortable and suitable. 

Light trousers

When the weather slowly transitions from short to trouser weather, you might be stuck on what to wear if you only own shorts and jeans. 

Investing in a light pair of trousers for your summer wardrobe will ensure that you can stay warm when the weather cools down. Yet, you will not need to wear shorts and feel cold or wear jeans and feel too warm. A pair of linen or soft cotton trousers is a great option. 

A hat

A hat is ideal for every summer wardrobe. They can be worn on hot days to keep the sun out of your face. For cooler days, they can keep your head warm. 

You might not think a hat can add much warmth, but you will be surprised. A hat is also a great accessory for windy days, which are a common occurrence throughout the summer. Ensure to have a hat in your bag no matter what the weather will be.