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Have you ever scrolled on Instagram or Pinterest and see tons of beautiful eye makeup ideas that you really want to try? But then remember that professional MUA own a gazillion eye brushes to create them. So you’d need several to make sure that the colors aren’t blending together incorrectly, and clean from using it before. Which is merely impossible, especially if you just recently did a smokey eye. Good luck not mixing black eyeshadow with another color! Well the Vera Mona Color Switch Duo is now your new best friend!

Finally I can try out all the pretty eye makeup ideas I’ve been hoarding in my Dropbox gallery for the past couple of year! The duo version comes with main sponge and then a small centerpiece that you soak for wet eyeshadow application. They also carry the Color Switch Solo for those who aren’t a fan of wet application. This product is amazing, especially for the makeup junkies like myself. I love that I can try different styles and don’t need a ton of brushes to do it. Check out my tutorial in the in this video.


Here are a few photos of the product!


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