This is a really simple taco recipe I learned a long time ago, can’t remember where or from who, but it was the best homemade taco I’ve had so far. The 2 main things you will for sure need is small/medium soft flour tortillas (use corn tortillas if you need to) and cooking oil (olive, coconut, whatever your preference is). The rest is completely customizable! If you want to use shrimp, steak, or chicken, go for it! And add what ever toppings you’d like.


I made just your traditional ground beef tacos and added green and red peppers, onions, shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream to mine. Then just made some Spanish rice for our side dish.

1. First I cooked 1lb of ground beef with taco seasoning, you can buy the pre-made mixture in the packets or shaker. I just used a bit of chili powder, red ground pepper, ground black pepper, and seasoning salt to make my own.

2. Then I sautéed my sliced onions and peppers mixture.

3. Last, to get the soft golden taco shells, take a large skillet and pour enough oil to cover the bottom. Then you cook the tortillas one by one, just until they are golden on each side. Fold over once golden enough to give it a taco shell holder shape.

4. Add whatever toppings you desire! You could add shredded lettuce, cilantro, fresh jalapeños, Sriracha, cheese, and tons more to your own tacos.


Let me know how your tacos turned out! How did you customize yours?


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