We usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day. We’ll usually go get dinner a couple of days before to avoid issues with reservations, crowds, and short turnaround times on tables. But this year I prepared a wonderful dinner at home and we can relax and eat comfortably on our couch. So I have 3 recipes that I tried and am sharing with you, enjoy!

First off, I had a hard time finding the perfect recipe because someone over here is an extremely picky eater. If you haven’t noticed, most of all my dishes will be chicken or beef based, because my boyfriend doesn’t eat seafood, cheese, and a lot of the veggies that I love. 🙁 However, I joined two different recipes into one to come up with my new chicken penne recipe. I found a really great sausage and peppers recipe here and chicken penne recipe here, then I couldn’t make up my mind which one I wanted to do. Plus some of the ingredients he wouldn’t eat, so I came up with this. For certain measurements on how much of an item to use, reference the 2 recipes listed.


White Balsamic & Honey Chicken Penne 


Here’s What you’ll need: A pack of boneless chicken breast, pepper trio pack, an onion, garlic, penne pasta, olive oil, rosemary, basil leaves, white balsamic & honey dressing and seasonings of your choice.

1. First cut your peppers and onions into small slices, not too small though. Place them in a bowl until time to cook.

2. Mince 5 cloves of garlic, and place in another bowl.

3. Cut the chicken breast into thin slices. And then cook the chicken in a pan with olive oil. Add salt, pepper, and any seasoning of your choice. Nothing too powerful though or you’ll take away from the main sauce. I just added some Italian seasoning to my chicken.

4. While the chicken is cooking, start cooking all of your peppers and onions in a large skillet in olive oil. After about 10min add the garlic, basil leaves, and rosemary to the mix and continue to cook covered, stirring periodically.

5. Start boiling a pot of water for the penne pasta, adding a bit of olive oil, salt, and parsley flakes. Once at boiling temperature pour in your pasta.

6. Once the peppers are done cooking, add the chicken to the mix and stir. Now add some of the White Balsamic & Honey Dressing into mix and stir. Cook on medium for a few minutes and then reduce the heat on low and let it simmer. Once the pasta is done, serve.


Oven Roasted Potatoes


Here’s what you’ll need: Small red potatoes, 3 minced garlic cloves, rosemary, and olive oil.

1. Pre-heat the oven at 450 degrees. Wash your red potatoes, then begin cutting them into little cube size pieces and placing them into a glass baking dish.

2. Once done cutting, add olive oil on top along with the minced garlic and rosemary, mixing everything throughout with your hand.

3. Once the oven is done pre-heating, pop your potatoes in and cook for about 40min or until golden brown. Then serve!


Cookie Brownie Sundae Bowl

This is where I found this wonderful recipe, but I used the cookie brownie mix to make our bowls. And as much as I’d love to showcase how they look, I may have slightly over cooked them and they came out too hard and broke into pieces lol. But I get an E for effort right?


Well the critics (aka my boyfriend Nate) said everything was phenomenal! Except for my super crunchy brownies. But he still ate them anyways because he loves me 🙂 lol

Hope you enjoyed it all! Let me know if you love it or hate, feel free to leave comments below!











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