Finding dishes that my fiancé and I can agree on is tough sometimes due to him being a picky eater. He doesn’t eat cheese or seafood, which are 2 of my favorite foods in the world! So finding dishes that can be tweaked to benefit the both of us is always my number one priority. I usually gear towards pasta dishes because I know we both love Italian cuisine and it’s pretty easy to add-on the items I like as garnishes towards the end. However, I’m limited on certain pasta dishes, due to the no cheese rule, I avoid using any alfredo or cream base sauces. So I was very excited to try Ragu’s new line of Homestyle Pasta Sauce on my Italian sausage and bow tie pasta recipe!


I wanted to try something other than your traditional spaghetti, especially since we just had it a few days before this meal. So this Italian sausage bow tie pasta recipe was something fresh and luckily super fast, and easy to make for my very “hangry” fiance. I’ve never been big on measurements (which is probably horrible,) and tend to eyeball everything so I can’t really specify the amounts of each ingredient but will give you the list of items I used and the steps to make it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Box of bow tie pasta

1 Jar of Ragu Homestyle Thick & Hearty Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce

1 Pack of baby bella mushrooms

Olive Oil

Parsley, Italian Seasoning. Salt and Pepper

1 Teaspoon of Diced Garlic

Zucchinis ( I used 3 med sized ones)

Italian Sausage




First, I prepped my veggies. I cut my zucchini into sliced halves and then added them to a medium size skillet, along with the mushrooms. Then I sautéed them for a few minutes in olive oil and seasoned with a teaspoon of diced garlic, salt, and pepper.





Next, I went ahead started boiling the water for the bow tie pasta. I usually add olive oil, Italian seasoning, and parsley to my water to give it more flavor. Then I began slicing my Italian sausages and then diced them into smaller pieces. After, I cook them for a few minutes in a large pan.



Once the sausage is done, add the mushroom zucchini mix to it along with the jar of Ragu Homestyle Pasta Sauce. Stir, and let this simmer for a few minutes. Once the pasta is tender, strain, and your meal is complete!



So here’s where we both get what we want out of the meal. He doesn’t have to pick out what he doesn’t want, and I get to add the extra stuff that I like. Like parmesan cheese! We both absolutely loved this dish, and it only took 30 min to make. That’s a win-win in  my book! I think Ragu has a quality product that all families can and will enjoy. To learn more about Ragu and all of their products click here. Did you enjoy my Italian Sausage Bow Tie recipe? Have you tried the new Ragu Homestyle Pasta Sauce? Let me know what you think in the comments below!







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