Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review


I received this fabulous hair in return of my honest opinion on the product.

I change my hair up pretty often. Either my hair color, trying a new style, bangs (never again!), or adding clip-ins. Most of the time I add in a pair of clip-in extensions, to give me length and extra fullness. Then from there, I create waves, curls, or cute braid styles! I was pretty excited when Irresistible Me sent me out a set of their Silky Touch Hair Extensions to try! So excited, I even created a tutorial of how I installed and styled them in addition to my Irresistible Me review. You’re welcome!


What I love best about these extensions was the silkiness and the construction of them. They were super soft, yet durable. I took them out for a full day test run and was pleased with the results. They didn’t shed much at all, nor did they get super tangled. I don’t know about you, but when I am looking to purchase hair extensions, making sure that I don’t look like I have a bird’s next on my head is a major key! lol So, these passed with flying colors! They are definitely worth the splurge. But not only do they carry quality hair, they have a great range of lengths and fullness. I have in the Silky Touch Jet Black Clip-in Extensions 140g in the 18″. They were just as easy to style as they were to put in.


So, all-in-all, these are a great set of hair extensions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who loves adding in hair extension to switch up their look. But they don’t just stop at clip-ins. They also carry wigs, ponytails, hair tools and more! Have you tried Irresistible Me hair products? Love them or hate them? Let me know in the comments below!



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