Packing for work trips and vacations can be a hassle, especially for me. I need options, and backups! I feel the need to always be prepared for trips so I usually tend to over pack. Like the trip I just recently went on to Key West with my fiancé, my bag was 10lbs overweight, and I ended up having to add things to his bag. But what if we weren’t taking this trip together? Then I’d have to pay extra for my checked bag, which is just craziness. I always say that packing and unpacking is the least thrilling part about traveling. It just becomes a pain. I would love to be able to just bring a simple carry-on, but I find it impossible for fashionistas like myself to pack heels, flat shoes, makeup, clothes, and all of your bathroom necessities in one bag. So checking a bag seems to be my only option.

So how can I pack everything I need, look fashionable and versatile, and not over pack at the same time? Well I thought it was completely impossible until I found this awesome product called HipKnoTies. HipKnoTies is an innovative convertible garment that was created by Sarah Yonover. Just like me, she was faced with the dilemma of how to pack for a 3 week trip to the Hamptons, DC, and the NYC night life in a carry-on bag. Could you imagine trying to pack for 3 different locations in a carry-on bag! So being the savvy and creative woman she is, she grabbed an infinity scarf and began to twist and tie it using office supply rubber bands. She managed to turn the infinity scarf into a one-shoulder dress, halter top, wrap, vest, maxi skirt and more.



The HipKnoTies’ patent pending system which utilizes the garment and reusable bands allows you to style it in over 20 different ways! It can be a scarf, a dress, a skirt, a top, the options are endless! They come in a few different lengths and come in several different colors, giving you a great amount of style options. There are great tutorial videos and pictures on ways to style your HipKnoTies. And don’t think they are just limited to wear only during the summer. They also show you ways on how to winterize this multiway garment as well.



Overall, I absolutely love the product and the concept behind it. The convertible garment itself, ranges from $79 – $99. You can also get them in their bundled options to purchase more than one, and I believe they may be able to work out some custom orders if you email them. They also carry other items as well such as their Hipfinity scarves, jewelry, and other basic essential garments to style with your HipKnoTies. This product is perfect the girl on the go! Whether you’re a busy business woman, a super mom, or chic blogger like myself, we need those pieces that are no-fuss and fashionable.

Have you heard of or tried HipKnoTies before? Think this product is as awesome as I do? Let me know in the comments below!


I received this product complimentary from Hipknoties to review for my honest opinon.






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