Well, it’s official folks! My hunnie and I are packing up and moving to a small town called Fairmount, GA. And when I say small town, I literally mean it is in the middle of nowhere! lol But none the less, I’m actually pretty excited about the move. I may be a southern girl, but I’ve only lived in larger cities within GA, Atlanta and it’s growing suburban cities. So this is going to be a huge change for me! However, it is so peaceful and will be nice to get away from the crowded city life and traffic in Atlanta. I know I’ve been MIA a bit on here and definitely on IG. Well, this is the reason, we’ve worked like crazy to get our current home ready to put up for sale, and packing so we’re ready to start on the new house soon!

The awesome part about this move is that we get to build our dream home from the ground up! So I pretty much I get to decide on the interior design part of what the house will look like since someone is partly colorblind and whatnot. But we picked out an awesome floor plan from Frank Betz (they have beautiful homes by the way), and then we get to personalize it to how we want it. Lucky for us, Nate is an AMAZING builder and we’ll get everything done at the speed we want and know that our home is in good hands! We went to go pick out all of our design elements for the house a couple of weeks ago, so I wanted to share my inspiration that I pulled from Pinterest for the interior design:


My inspiration for our new home is a contemporary farmhouse. I want to incorporate a ton of rustic farmhouse elements with modern details and decor. I’m inspired by reclaimed wood, earthy tones and metals, and high contrasts.


I love cool tile design and light fixtures. I really wanted to stick with a simple color palette: black, white, gray, browns, and metals. I have a thing for subway tile and dark grout, or vice versa. Finding cool, industrial lighting will be key too!


The key to making rustic themes appear more luxe is by adding small modern details. This is where I will bring in some metal tones within the decor and knob details, or lighting. Artwork, even in its simplest form, helps polish the room.


I love using rough textures for decor and details. It’s an element that is versatile and can create any type of setting using it. I would really love to try the half barrel coffee tables and trying some other DIY projects to tie the rooms together.


I’m definitely going to have to get used to traveling 15+ miles just to get to bigger stores like Target, Publix, etc. But I can always grab things on the way home from work or on the weekends, or my favorite, Amazon Prime. lol I can’t wait to share more updates and progress once we start building and move in. So stay posted! What’s your favorite interior style? Love the ideas I have going? Let me know in the comments below!



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