I have been trying to make changes to some of my bad habits lately. Like eating out so much, unnecessary purchases and drinking more water. I drink mostly water, pretty much everyday. However, my caffeine[coffee] intake has become a 2:1 ratio with water. No Bueno! I go through periods where I’m really good about drinking lots of water and then get tired of drinking the same thing, and opt for a Dr. Pepper or sweet tea. Then I have a double dose of caffeine, which my skin proceeds to freak out and break out. So what’s the solution? Making water more desirable to drink!

I found out about DROP bottle scrolling through my IG feed, and @randomactsofpastel (here feed is pure bliss, definitely follow ?) posted a photo of a really sleek water bottle. So I checked out there feed and website, and loved the concept of the product. I had already experimented with infused water before, but the become a pain when trying to drink them. This bottle kept the fruits and teas from interfering with you actually drinking it!

First Thoughts: I loved the unique design of the bottle, both fashionable and functional. The stainless steel infuser keeps fruit pieces and loose tea from floating into your mouth while drinking. No toxins and a percentage of the proceeds go to providing clean water for countries in need. There are endless amounts of recipes you can try! If you sign up for their newsletter, they’ll even send you a recipe book.

Cons: I really wish that it wasn’t made of glass, but that would defeat the purpose of it being a BPA free product. Being the clutz that I am, I really hope that I don’t break it.  ?

Overall I give DROP Bottle an A+ and definitely would recommend to my friends and family. Have you ever heard of DROP Bottle? Love this product or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!






DROP Bottle

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