Summer is a glorious time of year. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are in full bloom. The only problem is the heat. While we all enjoy a little sunshine, the high temperatures that often encompass the summertime makes it difficult to pick outfits. After all, you can only look so stylish when you’re dripping with sweat. However, there are a few tricks that can keep you from feeling like a sweaty disaster. With that in mind, here are six vital fashion tips. 

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1. Carry A Smaller Bag

On a particularly hot day, the last thing that you need is a huge backpack making your back sweat. Rather than carry the entire contents of your life around, you should clear out your bag and get back to the basics. Smaller accessories, like a braided rattan bag, are more than capable of carrying a phone, wallet, and lipstick. There isn’t really anything else that you need. 

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2. Stick With Light Colors

Dark colors absorb light, making you feel much warmer. Lighter colors, on the other hand, keep you cooler, as they reflect the light instead. Because of this, you should stick with lighter colors as much as you can throughout the summer. This is especially important with heavy fabrics, like denim, which warms you up anyway. These lighter colors also give off more of a summery vibe. 

3. Keep The Clothes Loose

The less fabric you have touching your body, the more comfortable you will feel on hot days. This is why you should pick loose clothes over tight-fitting ones. The only exception to this rule is undershirts, like those you can find at NUMI. These are designed to regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in winter, but cool in summer. A shirt like this would also protect your clothes. 

4. Put Away Large Jewelry

Rings, bracelets, and necklaces are often more trouble than they’re worth during the summer. Heavy necklaces trap shirts against chests, while lightweight chains get stuck to skin. Bracelets can also cause trouble, as they cover your wrists, which are a key cooling point. Since earrings don’t touch much skin, they will cause little bother, but most other jewelry isn’t worth the hassle.

5. Natural Makeup Is Best

Nothing is worse than wearing lots of makeup on a hot summer’s day. Not only can it make you feel uncomfortable, but you’re likely to sweat most of it off anyway. Light and natural makeup looks are the way to go during the warmer months of the year. Avoid heavy eyeliner and dark eyeshadows and instead pick pastel and neutral colors, like nudes and pinks. You can check out my summer makeup routine here!

6. Wear A Summer Hat

Everyone should own a hat, especially for hot days. If you don’t own one already, it’s just because you haven’t found the right one for you yet. Hats not only make a stylish summer statement but protect your skin from the sun and keep your head cool. Choosing a hat can be tricky, so you might want to ask an expert at a hat shop to help you. 

With these fashion tips, you can stay stylish on even the hottest days. 

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