Dorm Deals!

Well, it’s that time of the year to head back to school for some in a week or two, that is if you haven’t already. But the exciting part is getting to decorate your new dorm or apartment with all the super cute and trendy furniture, decor, appliances and more! A few things to keep in mind when shopping is you probably won’t have a ton of space, so finding things that are easy accessible and can fit in small spaces is key. It may either come mostly furnished or not furnished at all. Also, if you have a roommate, it would be ideal if you guys plan ahead and go on this shopping trip together to avoid conflict of interests aesthetically and financially.

If your new space is furnished, plus no kitchen…..

Here are a few cool things you could try to turn your new home from drab to fab! Organizers and racks (if you have the extra space), for your small closet space will be extremely helpful if you’re a shopaholic like me. And also bring what you need. If you know you won’t wear it or isn’t in current leave it home with the parents. If you really know you’re not going to wear it, sell them for a little extra cash in your pocket. Fun lamps or lanterns help kill that dull lighting problem you’ll run into (if you weren’t fortunate to get a window with natural lighting). Hanging things up with out damaging the walls is finally an achievable task with the help of adhesive hooks. Want to get rid of that blank wall? Try the tapestry route instead of loading them with tons of posters. With bedding, rugs, and bathroom accessories you’re able to really showcase your style. Whether it’s stripes, floral, animal or if you just want a modern solid color, make it your own! And since you don’t have a kitchen, finding dorm friendly appliances that are allowed in the room and stylish are a breeze these days.

(Clockwise from far left): Mainstays 2-Tier Hanging Wardrobe, $38; 20 Pack Velvet Hangers, $8; Double Hang Closet Organizer, $13; Honey Can Do Storage Closet, $23.
(From left): System Build Cube Organizer, $30; ClosetMaid Cube Organizer, $35.
(Clockwise from top left): Style It 4-Bin Rolling Cart, $35; Storage Tote, $9; Sterilite Latching Tote, $8; Sterilite 3 Drawer Cart, $20; Skubb Storage Case, $9; Bella Underbed Storage, $15. (Center): Sterilite Latching Tote, $14.
(Clockwise from far left): Dudero Floor Lamp, $15; Lykta Table Lamp, $13; Knubbig Lantern, $8; Camryn Table Lamp, $20.
(Clockwise from top left): Malin Vag Fabric, $7/yd; Notes Dry Erase Board, $20; Britten Nummer Fabric, $5/yd; Art Print, $15; Erikslund, $8; Glamour Art Print, $10; Bjalbo, $8; Yolo Wall Art, $20. (Center): Gerrebo, $30; Umbra Photoline Clip Frame, $10.
(From left to right): Xhilaration Amour Rug, $30; Tuvbracka Bedding, $20; Bjornloka Ruta Bedding, $20; Strandkrypa Bedding, $20; Dvala Bedding, $20; Room Essentials Circles Shag Rug, $25.
(Clockwise from top left): Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster, $20; Hamilton Single Serve Blinder, $17; Keurig K10 UGA Decal, $18; Kitchen Selectives Single Serve Coffee Maker, $16; Kitchen Sekectives Single Burner, $13; Sunbeam Toaster, $14.




If your new space is a blank canvas….

Find a one-stop shop. There are several places that have college kids friendly prices and look great! My favorite is probably Ikea, but Target, Walmart and even Big Lots have some incredible deals on all the necessities.









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